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Our buildings have been built to meet Occupational Health and Safety standards. Container Kitchens & Shops has a proven track record in solving our clients’ catering challenges. We use only the best commercial catering equipment so your people can feel confident doing their jobs in our kitchens.

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What equipment comes with your container kitchens?

Our kitchens are purpose built to suit your application. Should you require additional preparation room, function-service plating kitchen, a ware washing room for back-up during events, a replacement food facility during times of redevelopment, or a complete meal-service kitchen with storage and washing facilities, we can provide a real solution in a package tailored to your needs. We supply combi ovens, hot plates, gas burner stoves, deep fryers, bratt pans, everything you need to complete your project.

What is different about your kitchens to other mobile kitchens on the market.

Our portable kitchens, washrooms, coolrooms and freezers have been built to real world requirements. Our versatile kitchen layouts have been developed by the people who use them, our chef’s and customers have had an invaluable input into the design and layout of our kitchens. You know that they work, because real people have designed them and worked in them.

How many people can your kitchens cater for?

How many people do you have? Our kitchens and pop-up shops are designed to cater for something as small as a pop-up market style kitchen promoting a walk up food service, something medium sized like operational hotel style kitchens catering to 500+ patrons, and large scale where you may be catering for mining or building projects that cater for 3000+ people.

Of what quality are your kitchens?

All components used in our buildings, are of the highest quality available. Kitchen equipment installed is all of Australian/New Zealand compliance, our buildings are built with strong chassis and top quality components. We use Australian installers, service technicians & subcontractors.

Some of your kitchens look wider than a container. Why?

At Container Kitchens & Shops we believe that variety is the spice of life, not all kitchen hire requirements can be fit into a 20ft container. We offer container kitchens and well as modular wider kitchens, to give every project the best possible kitchen for their circumstances.

Does a wider unit not create difficulties with transportation?

Many demountable style relocatable offices, accommodation and associated portable facility buildings are already built wider than the standard 2.4 meter container width, and are transported around Australia everyday, our modular buildings are only 3.1m wide, negating the need for escort vehicles and special wide-load transportation costs.

Do your products meet Health Department & Australian Standards guidelines?

Our portable kitchens, washrooms, coolrooms and freezers have been built to real world requirements, resulting in a product that meets the most stringent of standards. Our hydraulic services (plumbing & gas), ventilation, WH&S, food safety & environmental waste requirements have been carefully considered on every building. We have worked closely with engineers, consultants & government departments to achieve kitchens that pass Food Licencing requirements every time.

I need a relocatable facility in a remote area. Is a steel container going to be comfortable to work in?

We factor in location, use, environmental conditions & available budget into every project. Need air-conditioning during the afternoon preparation? No problem. Our portable kitchens include Air-Conditioning as standard, and are engineered to suit all Australian conditions.