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Green and Environment Initiatives


Building a more sustainable environment.

Currently, our future is being threatened by global warming, poor air and water quality and the systematic depletion of our natural resources. Green initiatives are now being promoted globally in order to reverse these very negative trends. We are proud to say that Container Kitchens and Shops have always been sensitive to environmental issues and preserving our precious resources. The same passion we put into innovation goes into how we think about environmental responsibility and the enhancement of a greener environment through all of our business activities.

We reclaim steel shipping containers that were destined for landfill sites and find creative ways to turn them into usable space. Our team has been turning containers destined for waste into amazing kitchens, washrooms, cool-rooms and pop-up shops. We are committed to building a more sustainable future for us, and our children.

We use only the best RAUPIANO PLUS plumbing fittings. RAUPIANO PLUS represents the smart and versatile acoustic drainage system that provides optimum comfort without compromise. The polypropylene-based drainage system is suitable in a wide range of buildings from comfortable homes, modern hospitals, and hectic commercial kitchens to contemporary skyscrapers.


Its multi-layer pipe construction increases the pipe rigidity and enhances the sound insulation properties. The smooth, abrasion-resistant inner layer optimizes the flow, while the impact-resistant outer layer provides robustness for handling on construction sites. Not only built with excellent quality the RAUPIANO PLUS system contains no toxic materials and is 100% recyclable.

RAUPIANO PLUS PVC adaptors have shown to comply with the Green Building Council of Australia’s Best Environmental Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment.

Container Kitchens and Shops leads the industry in environmental stewardship and social responsibility. We are continuously seeking new ways to give back to the community while working towards a more environmentally sustainable future through our eco-friendly corporate policies.