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The Process


1. Concept

Every kitchen hire has its own unique operational requirements. We’ll discuss the operational requirements for your business and develop a concept based on your menu, production capacity, and type of service you provide to the end user.

2. Drawings


Once the concept has been finalised, we can provide you with CAD drawings, our documentation integrates seamlessly with architects and design consultants, as well for applications and approvals with local council and building requirements.

3. Planning

No two locations are the same, and every location has a unique set of challenges – be it access, location, or extreme weather. In planning your project, we can advise and discuss how to overcome whatever challenges you may have. We look for the most challenging points early so that they can be overcome early in the planning process.

As a part of the planning process we look at the local council regulations, every state and local council can be different when it comes to regulations. We will verify the feasibility, and highlight potential issues, so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your project will meet all council & food safe requirements.

4. Documentation

Our in-house and experienced contracts team will provide you with all the documentation needed to secure your project.

5. Installation

As part of our hire, we offer full delivery, installation and commissioning of our kitchens, we send our fully experienced installation team all over Australia to assist you with the set up of your kitchen, taking customer service and ease of implementation to the highest level offered in the industry.